Collection: Mantles

I am captivated by Biblical stories . . . so was my father and my grandfather.  In 1 Kings 19:19 the prophet Elijah casts his mantle upon Elisha and changes his life was forever. Elisha serves Elijah by obeying him studying his every move.  Not just a mentor but a father, Elisha honors and respects Elisha as such.  After Elijah is taken up and away in a fiery chariot, Elisha does twice as many miracles as Elijah did,   Mantles speak to the heart posture, grace and empowerment, respect, and inspiration that rests upon those who willing to who have an eye to see, and ear to listen a heart of submission to value the wisdom  of those they accept as fathers, mothers, teachers, mentors, etc.  Mantles speak to the humility, faith, love, hope, strength, integrity, and sacrificial mindset needed to accomplish the inspiring feats as these whom this body of work honors.  Once a person is mantled through impartation, like a bird they become messengers, thus, my inspiration for this collection:  Mantles & Messengers.