Artist Bio

Vernal Pope, a native of Denver, Colorado, educator, poet, and artist has been following the path of creativity since she could hold a crayon.  Her love for art was nurtured by her mother when Vernal was learning to walk.  Her mother would place colorful objects in front her; thus she learned to walk by being drawn to color.  This draw to color is evident in Vernal’s work.   

Her early memories of this passion started with coloring books and crayons and her mother’s stockings or hosiery.  What does hosiery have to do with art?  Her mother always gave her the white cardstock panel around which her mother’s hosiery was wrapped.  She developed her drawing skills by drawing on the panels.  By the time she entered junior high and high school she made sure an art class was always on her schedule. 

Vernal’s plans to major in art, however, were interrupted on the first day of her first college art class when the professor announced they would be sketching nudes.  Comically, Vernal was not prepared for that and quickly dropped the class.  While she continued to dabble in art off and on, she pursued a career path in education for the next 29 years.    As an educator and published poet, she finally yielded to another call to also become an artist.  

Converting half of her garage into a studio, Vernal enrolled in the Mastery Program at Milan Art Institute founded by John and Elli Milan—a life-changing, life-empowering experience.  Her work speaks to the influence of the Pop art movement conveying her love for bold color, rich symbolism, and the inspiring lives of those from previous generations.  Vernal likes to think of art as a lesson in sight, an invitation for conversation, and engagement of thought; but most importantly art speaks to her about second chances. 

Appreciative for the opportunity to give attention to and expression through art and creativity, she hopes that her art inspires others to embrace and explore their divinely given, innate creativity as their divine destinies are unlocked.  Vernal also views her artwork as heart work creating under her name and Be-Loved Art in conjunction with Tending Fields Studio, Inc.  Her most recent series are Mantles and Messengers.